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Double Fortified Salt is an innovative new fortified food product - delivering small but crucial amounts of iodine and iron to human beings through their diet.

Patanjali has now Launch its Double fortified Salt in India . With the vision ‘Sehat bhari soch , Sehat bhara Namak’. We wants to make the nation healthier and Strong.

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DFS – Salt fortified with Iron and Iodine has been promoted as one of the five staple food by Government Of India to address Micronutrient Deficiency in India . One out of two women in India are iron deficient making them vulnerable to anaemia. Demanding lifestyles and erratic eating habits has made 73% of children and 25% men in India iron deficient too. Patanjali Double fortified salt provides up to 50% of Recommended Daily Allowance of Iron. .

Appearing black granules in this salt are of Iron and donot affect the Taste of your food . On usage of Double fortified Salt ( containing Iron ) , Darkening of food may be observed in some cases . However the food is safe to be used. Please add salt at the end of preparation of such recipes to minimize darkening.

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